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Evening’s dawn

College is over. Everyone is saying goodbye, sitting in class, packing Jasmine’s bag and saying, don’t forget me, but now is the time and time, come to my house.
Oris pulls the mobile out of the bag and puts it in his pants pocket and asks, where is your house?  How do I go?
Ranjan, who was sitting next to him, asked, “Where shall I find you?” Cheats took it out of his pants pocket and said, “Is everything alright?”
Jasmine grabbed Orish’s mobile phone and type and said, “This is my number.”
Orish didn’t think that Jasmina would give the number like this, she would take out the mobile and save the number, but she doesn’t know the name, after two years of classes together, she doesn’t know her name, she knows what to do, she used to stay with her friends.  Arish used to stay with them, when they met in class they just exchanged smiles, diameter, these are just a few days of talking, he came to take the exam, Arish is ashamed to ask his name, then he sees the admit card in front of Jasmine, he looks up from there and sees the name  Jasmine.
At the end of the test, Oris is standing outside the gate for his friends.Then Jasmina came to the side and said, “Call orish, laugh a little and go up to Tuktuki with her friends.”

Today is the end of the exam, so all the friends have decided to go somewhere and have fun, then go home, but Arish can’t go even if he wants to, so everyone is saying we won’t go either, what is the reason for Arish not to go?

The exams have been going on for a long time, everyone is busy with their own lives, there is not much contact with anyone, Oris is looking at the contact list on the mobile in bed at night, his finger gets stuck on the name Jasmina, trying to remember the name Jasmina, then when he remembers, he calls.  There is a ring, no one catches it, the phone hangs up, Oris puts down the phone and starts to draw on the notebook with a pen. After a while the phone rings, orish looks at the phone, thinks again for a while, then receives the phone, hello
Jasmine from the other side,
Hello, the call came from this number, so I did
Oris -here is Oris , do you recognize?
Jasmina: (think for a while), I can recognize but I don’t understand
Oris laughs and says, well, then I’ll keep it, when you don’t recognize it.
Jasmina – Hey stop stop, I was just kidding, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no one,who  don’t know you in college.
Oris: Well, so I understand, he says with a pen in his mouth.
Jasmine: Hmm, because you are the charm student
Oris: Well, ash, how are you?
Jasmina: Well, after all this time, what are you doing?
As soon as Oris can say something, he hears that someone is calling Jasmina, so Jasmina says on the phone, “I’m keeping this, I’ll talk later, okay, I’m keeping it,” and Jasmina hangs up the phone.
Oris cuts off the phone, puts the phone in his mouth and says, “Okay,” and smiles.

Aris’s mother is asking from another room in the morning, will you go to the market, Oris?
Hey, when you go,  bring a single page of Gintek tablet, it’s over.
Oris says to put the wallet in the pants, it’s over so soon!
What I eat, your father has eaten everything, I go to eat in the morning, there is not one.
Oris comes out and says, why Pan-D is over?
Arish’s mother says while working, dad eat both.
Arish went out on his bicycle with a hum sound.
Oris goes to highstreet with medicine from the medicine store, he suddenly meets Jasmine in front of a store.  Jasmine looks at Oris and asks,
Hey, Aris didn’t talk to you yesterday, what are you doing here?
Oris says with jerking his hair with his hands,just,nothing
Jasmina: Then, what are you doing now?
Oris: Nothing, I’m taking a job test, diameter
Jasmine’s friend riddhi came over and said, “Let’s go, it’s getting late, we can’t get a bus, I’ll go to another store, let’s go.”
Jasmina: okay , call me Oris, talk to you later, okay, go out.
Jasmine’s friend says as orish leaves, “Oris’s name isn’t quite new, and I’ve never heard of it before, and what’s the matter, you told her to call, you don’t want anyone else to give you the number.”
Jasmine laughs and says: “Hey, I wouldn’t talk to him. The day we ended up in college, the first time we talked and called her yesterday.”
Girlfriend: like so

At night Oris went to the cyber cafe to get the admit card of the exam, took out the registration number from the mobile, pressed it on the laptop and took out the print out, then looked at some more sites and did some work, then came out of the cafe with the admit card and folded the admit card.  Admit put enters the chest and rides the bicycle straight home, comes and sits on the bed and looks at the admit, where is the seat, Udaipur, where did he hear the name later? Where? Where? Then he remembers Jasmine’s house.

At Jasmina’s house, her mother says, “You have studied a long way, Now I will tell your father to look into your marriage.”
Jasmine silently puts oil on her head
Mother: what, tell me something, or want to be more naughty
Jasmine puts the bottle of oil aside and says, “It’s been a few days since I’ve stopped studying. Wait a minute, I’m relaxing.”
Jasminas friend Riddhi come that time.
Ruddhi: Yes Auntie, get started, get started.
Jasmina pushes Riddhi and says do it first then think of mine.
Jasmine’s mother says nothing and goes another room.
Riddhi: That friend of yours, trying to remember what his name is, when he remembers, he says, yes, Aris, did he call?
Jasmina looks at Riddhi and says, “Bubba, I see you, I remember well. Let’s call him, take out the contact list and say, ‘Hey, I don’t have to save his number,’ and this morning I deleted all the call lists.”
Riddhi: Well, you did well, now tell your mother to see the groom.
Oris is packing his bags at home, tomorrow is his exam, so he is packing everything he needs, pens, pencils, admits. Everything is packed and he goes to sleep.  Soon falls asleep.
He got up early in the morning, took a bath, saluted Thakur, bowed to his mother and went out. He went to the bus stand and saw a large crowd. He could see so many children working for the government exams.  Yes, then Aris’s phone rang, but the conductor came and cut the ticket for him, so his phone was not picked up.  When he went to the examination hall, he found the seat number, put the mobile in his bag, put it outside and came back to the house. While talking to some boys, the examiner left. After a while, the examination started and Oris came out with the examination.
He packed his bag and walked to the bus stand.  Walking towards the corner,  suddenly met Jasmine,
Oris – Are you here?
Jasmina: Hey, have you come to take the test too, I came to see the children, how many people have come to take the test, so I see, how was the test?
Oris: Well, how are you? He looked at Riddhi and said, your name is not known.
Riddhi said his name with a light smile.
Oris: The bus is very crowded here, isn’t it?
Jasmina: Yes, but today’s test seems so much.
Arish: Well, let’s go, let’s talk, let’s go a little further, otherwise we won’t get a bus.
Jasmina: Near our house, not so far ..
Oris: Thanks, but not today.
A bus leaves in front of them, the bus is so crowded that Oris can’t get up even if he wants to, everyone is hanging by the door, sitting at the head of the bus.
Jasmina: What a crowd, how many boys are taking exams (eyes roll round)
Riddhi: Think then, we didn’t pass the test, otherwise the government would have had to look at so many exercise book.
Everyone laughed together.
Riddhi: Then, get married after getting a job?
Oris:  got it first, otherwise who will give a girl to an unemployed boy?
Riddhi: Why the way he loves unemployed boys
Oris: That’s right, your thoughts
The bachelor is still silent for a while because he doesn’t have that concept.

Jasmina: Laughs and says, do you have to accept?
Oris: No, you have faith
Riddhi: Oh so, my girlfriend is alone, and you are alone then
Jasmine says a little unprepared, what are you talking about.
Oris gets a little embarrassed, then says, I will love or not love.
Hearing Arish’s words, Jasmina looks at him
Riddhi: Well, well well. Good
Oris: Actually, my thoughts are a little different, I will never get married, I have to be my girlfriend all my life, is there anyone like that in your eyes?
Riddhi: what?
By then another bus had left, so Oris said, “If I don’t get this bus, I have to walk home.”
When the bus left, Riddhi asked, what did he say?
Jasmina: How do I know that, I heard what you heard.

At night, Oris went out for a walk with Mahendra, the two of them were talking about the test
Oris: So, how was the test?
Mahendra: It was not so difficult but he looked at Arish and smiled saying that the number would go up
Oris: Why not get up?
Mahendra: Because everyone gave well.
Jasmine’s phone rang when Oris was about to say something, Oris received and said hello
Jasmina: What are you doing?
Oris: I’m a little out, I’m calling you except for a little
Jasmina: All right, all right.
When Oris puts down the phone, Mahendra asks, who?
Oris put the phone in his pocket and said, “do you know, who sat with us during the exam, told everyone to meet, Jasmine,
Mahendra puts his hand on Sudeb’s back and says, brother, how do you get the girls?  How?  Gives you up to phone number.
Oris: You know better, since you’re with me
They both laughed.
After eating dinner at night, Oris washes his hands and face and looks at a book in bed. He looks at his watch.
Then orish called Jasmina,Jasmina put the phone
Oris: Did you fall asleep?
Jasmine fixes the pillow and says, “I’m going to bed.”
Oris: Well, then go to sleep, I’ll keep it.
Jasmine puts her elbow on the pillow and says, “Say, tell me, there’s no work. Well, you know, I deleted your phone number by mistake.”
Oris: On purpose or not?
Jasmina: Hey no, I cleared all the lists yesterday, so did your number with it, then I saved it when you called last night.
Oris: You didn’t pick it up, you’re so busy
Jasmina: Oh no, I will ask you something

Oris leaned to one side and said, Hmm
Jasmina: Well then what did you say?
Oris: What, what?
Jasmina: Before getting on the bus, get married
Oris: Well, hmm, your girlfriend asked, so I said, do you want a relationship like this?
Jasmine was a little embarrassed and said, “No, actually she was asking, what did you say, I didn’t understand anything, why don’t you get married?
Oris: I can’t explain it, that’s what I’m thinking
Jasmina: But would anyone want to come?
Oris: That’s why I said earlier, well, it’s been a long night, I’m keeping it, sleep, he hung up the phone.
Jasmina puts down the phone and thinks, will love but will not get married, how is it, thinks with her eyes closed, then turns around again and goes to bed.
Jasmina wakes up in the morning and walks down the street with her teeth clenched, then she meets her uncle Dinesh.
Dinesh: Hey so early this morning, do you  Morning Walk?
Jasmina: I woke up. Well, Uncle, go to see parididi once this morning, knowing that you won’t accept them from their home.
Dinesh: Hmm, I know
Jasmina: Then will you run away?
Dinesh: shame, what are you saying, I will run away, why? I have to get married only just because I love her?
Jasmina: But uncle
Dinesh shook his head and said, you will not understand, let’s go, I will  talk you later.
Jasmine looks at her uncle.
When he came home, he washed his face and hands and sat down
Mom: Bubba, it’s so early today, what’s the matter,
Jasmine pours water in a glass and eats, her mother says it’s okay, keeps the house tidy,a person will come to see you in the afternoon, Jasmine looks at her mother.
In the afternoon, while orish reading a book in  Public Library, Jasmina calls, Sudeb receives the call, then returns the book and comes out and sees Jasmina and her mother standing there.orish go another side of road
And asks to her mother,how are you kakima?
Aunt: good
Jasmina: There was a job in the collectorate, so come on
Oris: okay
When a bus came and stopped in front, Kakima said, this, this bus will go, come on, come on, come on, .  Before getting on the bus, Jasmina says, if I object to such a relationship. Oris doesn’t understand at first, then both happiness and thoughts appear on her face.

In the evening, Oris calls Jasmina but she doesn’t pick up the phone as usual. Oris leaves the phone and goes outside to talk with his mother.
When orish us back the phone is ringing,orish hurryly cut the phone and he backed the phone,
What’s the matter? Where were you?
Jasmina: some people came to see me, so I couldn’t catch it.
Oris say in his mind, the girl who said she wants to go in a relationship, he asked again..then they liked you, is you getting married? Well, there are people at home, I’m keeping her.
Jasmina: Still no answer but (jokingly)
Oris asks curiously, what’s the answer, then go get married (says in a haughty tone)
Jasmina smiles saying that she is keeping well, then seeing that Oris is silent, then she says again, what are you thinking so much?
Oris: I don’t understand, you can do this for the rest of your life, don’t blame me.
A song is played on the tape recorder next to Jasmina’s hand, the two of them are silent, the two of them are playing their minds in that song.
Oris woke up in the morning and went to give a job interview so Jasmina was not called.  On the other hand, Jasmina is giving spices to her mother and sometimes she is looking at her mobile, so when she sees it, her mother says, if you have a mind to work, you get up.
Aunty was about to say something when Riddhi entered.
Jasmina: It’s your fault if you do it, it’s your fault if you don’t, go do it yourself, when I don’t like it, I go to wash my hands.
Auntie: Yes, yes, yes, I was rescued by the spice of this girl, now go and tell someone, the spice goes to the mix again.
The two of them came to the room and on the fan
Riddhi: What were you doing in the kitchen?
Jasmina: What people do in the kitchen, I was cooking.
Riddhi says in a little pose, I saw that day so are you learning to cook or not, let’s see
Jasmina: I and Oris are in a relationship
Riddhi shouts, what? When?
Kakima says from that kitchen, now she is very happy, and she was not energetic at the time of mixing the spices.
Jasmina: You haven’t had two days
Riddhi: But that’s what he was saying
Jasmine says a little upset, hmm, with conditions.
Riddhi: Then, aunt, uncle will obey, and your brother will not marry for you.
Jasmina: I don’t know what happened to me.
Oris returned home by train with the interview, it was night to return home.  When he returned home, he washed his hands and face and saw his mother sitting with food
Mother: so you are hungry,right?
Oris: Didn’t have time
Mother: I know
Oris went to eat and asked his mother, have you eaten?
Mother: No, I will eat this with you
Oris: How many times have I told you to eat, then wait as long as you like.
They two continue to eat.
After eating, he came home and called Jasmina
Jasmina: Are you back now?
Oris: We’ll be here tomorrow
Jasmina: Why?
Oris: All right, don’t come,
Jasmina: Hey, what happened to the anger, well I see, then tell me.
They two said something and left the phone.
In the morning, Jasmine, Riddhi, and Kakima are sitting, peeling peas, and talking.
Aunty: Then Riddhi, and in a few days later you will be father-in-law’s house
Riddhi: Hmmm,
Auntie: Okay, and how late, see if you can take ours with a brother-in-law or brother-in-law.
Riddhi laughs and says, then it’s good, the two of us will be together, Jasmina pushes Riddhi and tells him to say something.
Riddhi: I was saying aunty, i will take a little Jasmine today?  To do some shopping
Aunt: Who will go with you, I will tell Pappu to go
Riddhi: No no aunt, just two friends, then no more
Aunt: Well, go and see, come home soon.
Riddhi: All right, aunt
They don’t want anything else when they go outside , aunt laughs and turns around.
Arish is standing at the bus stand, after a while they come,
Oris: How are you Riddhi?
Riddhi: Well, so you both together for me,what I said
Orish : ya,just  for your words
The three of them laughed.
Riddhi: How do I feel, I am one of you ..
Oris: It looks like you’re here, I can’t go out with her alone without you.
Jasmina: What is your job?
Oris: That’s why I called you, I’ve been joining since Monday, then I’ll see you again when I’m off.
Riddhi: Where is the sweet? The good news is to eat sweets
Oris: Tell me, what will you eat?
Riddhi: Did you say you will not meet, then how will you love?
Oris: Love is not love, he says looking at Jasmine.
The two of them are talking about Riddhi’s shopping and watching movies.
Oris picked up the two of them on the bus and returned home. They didn’t talk much as they were busy with Riddhi’s marriage. Although Riddhi invited them, Oris couldn’t go for some reason.
Since Riddhi got married, they only talk and don’t see each other.
Oris called one night and said, “I’m a little empty, I want to see you,  come tomorrow.”
Jasmina: How do I go?
Oris: Bring your mother or brother.
Jasmina: All right, tell my mother
Oris: Give it
Jasmina: You’ve gone crazy
Oris: Arrogantly, he says, well, you don’t have to come
Jasmina: Ole Baba, angry again, Riddhi is coming after two days, then I will go, okay
Oris: Hmmm
After a while they talk on the phone, Oris goes to work, Jasmine cooks in the kitchen now, learning to cook.  Her mother is happy.
Today Satyanarayana Puja is at Oris’s house, his sister has come, Oris is working, then the phone rings, Oris goes outside the gate and sees Riddhi and Jasmina standing. Oris brings the two inside and talks to everyone.
Riddhi and Jasmina provide puja with them.
Four sisters of Arish, one of them asks, I can’t imagine any brother would bring any girl to our house, it means you are very ..
Jasmine listens quietly.
2nd sister: How do you know?
Jasmina: From the day the test ended.
Third:  knows from your house that you have come to our house.
Riddhi: No, she went out with me.
Then one of Orish’s nieces came and asked, who are you aunt?
  Aris heard and fled from there.
First: Tell mom and dad, if there is any problem like this, tell us, we will go.
Riddhi: What will happen, your brother will not get married.
Fourth sister: what,what are you saying ?
Jasmine says softly, “Yes, your brother loves you on condition, he’ll love me all his life, but he won’t marry.”
Second: What kind of talk is this, is it the  movie, we are talking with him
By that time Mr. Thakur came, everyone was sitting together in pujo, when the pujo was over, Jasmina was sitting in one place with everyone in the palace,  Oris came and stood
Oris: It would have been nice to have a little more, but you have to go home again. Seeing Jasmina is silent, Oris looks at Jasmina’s eyes with tears, Riddhi comes to her side and says, let’s go, otherwise it will be too late to go home.
Oris: I’m calling a tuktuki, you come.
Jasmine meets everyone and bows to Orissa’s mother,
Orish’s mother kissed her and said, “Come sometimes, it will be good.”
The Orissa sisters say, don’t worry, we’re watching
Oris says from outside, Tuktuki has arrived
They come out and get up to Tuktuki, Riddhi:  while leaving, this time it is not like this, how much longer, now break the vow, how much longer am I?
After leaving Tuktuki, Oris stared at them for a while.  Then enter the house.
Everyone is sitting at home, Oris says, when will you escape?
First sister: Why?
Oris: Why again, if you have, the house needs a ball. So, besides, you have come a long time ago,
Fourth: Then, marry Jasmine and bring her back.
Oris is silent.
2nd: Why don’t you marry him, how about this again.
Third: Yes, when you love, where is the difficulty in getting married?
First: What does it mean to hang him like this?
Oris: I didn’t hang him, he did it on his own.
Second: I do not think, where is the difficulty to get married, do you have any difficulty.
First: she is hopeing, but she is waiting for you.
Oris: she can get out of this relationship whenever she wants, she has no barriers, and besides, you are all married, what if I don’t?
Mom: Tell me what you’re talking about,
Third: Your son is thinking like TB, he will keep Jasmina like this for the rest of his life without getting married.
Mother: what, what is this again, what is he saying.
Oris: Just listening
Fourth: This is life Bhai, not a movie, moreover, tell me what is your problem, we are watching it
Oris: No problem, I want to live a little differently, not in marriage, in a different way.
Everyone is silent, no more talking.
Aris is sitting in the office thinking about her sisters and Jasmina’s face is thinking, she didn’t even call today.  Jasmine tells her mother everything. Her mother wanted to meet Oris, but he didn’t meet because of work pressure.
When he came home from the office and fell asleep, Jasmine’s phone  grabbed the phone and I call you later. He hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Jasmine went to give the phone to her mother and saw that the phone was cut off. She is very angry and doesn’t call anymore.  There was no talk between them for a few days today.
Oris came back from the office to was
his hands and call his mother to feed him.
Mother: the legs pain again
Oris: You go, I’m eating
Mom: All right, I’ll give it to you.
mother serving food with talking , what are you looking for Jasmine and you have been busy for a few days now.
Oris: Hmm, so a little work pressure
Mother: I want to talk Jasmina one day
Oris comes home after eating.  Tell your mother to lie down and don’t walk too much.
Jasmine and her mother are eating at Jasmine’s house,
Mother: How long will you leave the relationship, meanwhile you don’t even talk to her with me
Jasmina: Not with me
Mom: Well, it’s over, the last love in two days, I’ll tell Dad tomorrow to see groome.

Arish’s phone rang when Jasmine was quietly eating and sitting at home.
Jasmine holds the phone and keeps quiet,
Oris – Hello
Jasmine is pouring all her anger, sadness, frustration and arrogance into the phone. Oris listens to her on the phone with all her heart.
Orish woke up in the morning and got ready early.  Oris, Arish’s mother, Jasmine and her mother, father are sitting in a room. There is a silence in the room and Arish himself breaks that silence:
It’s my own fault, I know I should have told you earlier, but it didn’t happen.
Jasmine’s father: But why don’t you get married, can I marry my son without marrying hee, it happens, what will everyone say?
Oris: Well uncle, when we get married does anyone ask why we are getting married?
Jasmine’s mother: You know, Dad, moreover, when you’re in love, what’s the problem with marriage?
Oris’s mother – tell me what to say, how much…
Jasmine’s father: Well, look, she has a future, tell me, will we live forever, what will happen then?
Seeing Oris keep quiet, his mother says, “That’s it, do whatever you want now, you can marry her somewhere else if you want.”
Oris: Is marriage a tie for all uncles, I don’t want to get married for whatever reason people are talking about, talking about her future, then I will take all her responsibilities from tomorrow, I will pay all her expenses, I will not throw her away even if you are not there.  And how old is the brother?  Get married so soon, find a girl, we will match my brother’s marriage, that’s why Jasmine, Jasmine looks at him.
Jasmine’s mother: You say clearly what you want to say
Oris smiles and replies, it’s all up to your daughter, listen to what she wants, that’s what will happen, oh it’s about knowingly.
Then arish think with a laugh Jasmine, your parents want to chase you, otherwise the girl is a little at home so look how she is doing, she can’t smile even if everyone smiles
Jasmine’s mother: She’s taking all the responsibility, tell me what else to do, now it’s all up to you and your daughter.
Jasmine’s father: I understand everything
Oris looks at Jasmine and says I really want to enjoy life differently, marriage, baby I can’t run so much, I want to enjoy life, everything with you, I will go back and forth, I will do everything but … then I
It’s all up to you
Jasmine’s mother: You can do all these after marriages, the two of you will enjoy life together.
Oris: You also know that when you get married, you don’t enjoy it anymore, it’s just a responsibility.  And when you want so much, if I ever think that I will marry him, but not now.  And if your daughter is unmarried until then.
Jasmine’s mother: It doesn’t occur to me that if you don’t get married, why do you love?
After being silent for so long, this time Jasmina speaks, Dinesh Kakur’s words come out in her speech, she says in a very calm voice, many people love, does everyone get married?  Whether or not, moreover, it is not written anywhere that you have to get married if you love.

Time goes by like water, a few months after the wedding ceremony at Jasmina’s house, Jasmina is sitting very nicely, her mother is looking at her, Jasmina looks at herself in the mirror, many people come to their house without calling Oris Jasmina that day, some  People are talking with a smile, then say the marriage is right, Arish’s chest heaved, he hurried straight to the house and saw Jasmina sitting in the wedding dress, Jasmine quickly saw Oris and moved away.
Oris: Then you are getting married!  I did not feel the need to inform once.
Jasmina: She says softly, you said it, if I want to
Oris: That’s right, why for me for the rest of my, that’s why, when the wedding date is right, he says in a bad mood, aunty, all the responsibility of her marriage is mine, I will do everything, you don’t have to worry.
Sion (Jasmine’s brother): Yes, you have to do it, who else has the eldest son in our house, how much I will manage in my own marriage,
Oris looks surprised, brother’s marriage?
Jasmina: Why ,what did you think that?
Oris sighs and says, Oh, why are you dressed like this?
Everyone laughed when they saw the expression on Arish’s face.

After that, Oris and Jasmina take all the responsibility  their shoulders, Aris takes care of all the responsibilities from standing up, so when sees Jasmine’s father, he calls Jasmine and Jasmine’s face fills with pride.
When Oris’s mother came on the day of the wedding, Jasmine’s parents took her home and sat her down. Orish’s mother saw the marriage and said, “I have not seen my son’s marriage in my fortune, so when I see the another son, I fill my heart.” Oris laughed and hugged his mother.
A few days after the wedding, everyone comes to Oris’s house. Oris helps and annoys Jasmine in whatever he does and Jasmina gets angry and chases him out of the kitchen.  Say it’s getting late, go take a bath.
Oris: Won’t you?
Jasmina: I did.
Oris: Come on, let me take a bath.
Jasmina: My baby boy, go, I’m late.
Oris: You won’t be ashamed if I take a bath.
Jasmina with shy, why,what is mine,then why shame
Oris: Well, he took water from the basin and sprinkled it on his face.
Then say,
All right, I’m going, everyone is at home, what will they think if they don’t see the two of us?  Oris goes to the bath.
Everyone ate and drank sitting on the sofa, Jasmina looked everything in the kitchen
Arish : stay with us today,I say your father
Jasmina: Tell
Oris came out and said, “Auntie, stay our house today,  you will go home, tomorrow.  Besides, I have a holiday tomorrow.
Oris’s mother: Yes sister, stay today.
Jasmine’s mother: No, no, the new wife of the house, somewhere so soon, and it would not be right to leave the house empty, just got married.
Oris: Then kerp Sayan and Ritama.
Jasmine’s mother: No, no, they return to for retuals, let’s come back from the home, then one day they will come.
Arish looks at Jasmine.

This morning Oris picks up his mother and father on the train, they go to sister’s house,orish come home, take a bath and go to the office, come back home after work, take off their clothes and lie down on the bed, after a while Jasmina’s phone rings, Oris hangs up.
Jasmina: When did you return?
– Here it is, for a while
– When to eat?
– Not wanting to
– Hey, don’t sleep without eating. Go and eat, Jasmine orders.
– Why?  Not feeling well.
– Hey, go
– All right, eating
– Get up first, or I’ll hang up.
  – Bubba, look,

Oris says okay, headphones put the ears and go to the kitchen and out the plate.
  – What are you eating?
– Khichuri, mother did it in the morning
Seeing that Jasmine is silent, Oris asks what happened?
– I’ll come tomorrow.
– No, you don’t have to come, plus there’s no one at home now, you don’t have to come.
– I see that, you don’t have to think.
  – Mom will be gone for two days, then come , you don’t have to come for just one day.
  – You’re done eating
– Hmm, why?
– Go, go to sleep (says angrily)
  – What happened to you again?
– Nothing, go, sleep.
– All right, good night.
Jasmine left the phone and went to her mother and said, I will go to that house tomorrow
  – Why,
– Her mother went to her sister’s house
  – So
– No, I mean it’s a little hard to cook and go to the office, so that’s it, tomorrow.
  – Her mother laughs and says,just tomorrow only office?another day? I understand there will be no office.
Jasmina – Understands, no, his mother will come the day after tomorrow, so tomorrow is just, you come with me.
  – Your sister in law’s mother has come home, tell me how to go? rather you call her here tomorrow.
– You know, he won’t come
– Then see what I do, or go alone.
Jasmine looks at her mother.
Jasmina goes straight from her mother to her brother’s house, where she hears Ritama and Ritama’s mother talking.
Ritama’s mother – then your sister-in-law will not marry.
Ritma: Hey,  Didi want, but Oris Dada is not doing it either.
– I think he has an affair somewhere else in that case, otherwise why doesn’t he get married? And when he doesn’t get married ..
  – Mom, what are you saying, say it softly, if anyone is hear
– Why? Did I say bad or wrong, moreover unmarried girl to go like this – Come, if don’t say anything, your mother-in-law, mother-in-law they
– No, what you think, they don’t seem together in long day and Oris Da is a very good boy, we went to their house, his mother loves us very much, Oris Da is sad
  – If it’s so good, then why not get married, well,if something happened between them again?
– Mom, shut up, what are you talking about, it’s their family matter, when they have accepted, where is your problem? Are you stay here anymore?
Jasmine knocked on the door and said, will i come?
Ritama – Hey didi, come, sit
  – No, I actually came to ask you for permission
  – Tell me
– I was saying I would take your sister to orish house tomorrow
– Go tomorrow, take her, when?
  – All right, I’ll go this morning.
Jasmine comes out of the house.
Oris is asleep in the morning. Suddenly the calling bell rings. He wakes up, opens the door and closes it again. Jasmina and another girl standing.
Oris is surprised to see her, says with sleepy eyes, you are here.
  – Hmm
– I didn’t tell you not to come.
  – All right, I’m leaving.
– You don’t have to pretend anymore. Come on in. Come on, who’s this?
  – Ritma’s sister, she came yesterday.  Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!
Oris washed his hands and face and went to the market and when back from market he saw Jasmine and Tani sitting in the kitchen.
Oris: You don’t have to do much. I’m helping.
Tani is around sixteen, beautiful to look at.
He says, what am I going to do,
Oris – You don’t have to do anything, just sit quietly and talk, what do you do
Tani – This is the end of high school, so I came to visit my sister’s house with my mother.
  – Well, then
  – Then nothing else.
He is sitting and watching someone cutting a vegetable, then someone is making spices, someone is tasting salt, seeing with sitting, Oris has given him a bowl of pickle, he is sitting and eating it and watching the work while talking.
Oris –  the cooking is over, everyone get fresh.
The three of them are fresh on the dining table
She – what a beautiful pair you are
Oris – So, thank you, do you have one?
Tani – I’m telling you, yes, and Jasmina Didi, don’t tell my mother or sister right now.
The two laughed.
Jasmine – Hmm, what were you talking about yesterday?
Oris – I didn’t tell you, our office arrange an outing for break, everyone can take their spouse,
Jasmina: Hmm, go, it’s good
Oris – I don’t want to go
Jasmina: Come on, you never go anywhere.
Oris – I see, then you come with me, will you go?
Jasmina: Hmmm, that’s all that’s left.
Tani – where to go ?
Oris – This small detour, towards Bolpur
Tani – Wow, that’s good
Jasmine – you go
Oris – All right, I’ll see, when are you leaving?
Jasmina: If we don’t go, we’ll stay here, she laughs out loud.
Oris is standing in front of the bus in front of the office, everyone is with his wife, groom, everyone introduces him to his husband and wife. It’s time to leave the bus, everyone gets on the bus, Oris suddenly gets on the steps of the bus, think for a while, They say I will meet you in the office,then started running,taking a auto
Ritma, Tani and her mother are talking at her brother’s room in Jasmina’s house, Tani’s mother is asking Tani, what did I do all day yesterday?
– I was sitting and eating pickles and watching the work of two people.
Tani’s mother – what were you doing among the adults?
Tani – Hey Oris Da said, you stay with us, you don’t have to do anything, just talk from here, we will like it.
Tani’s mother looks at Ritama.
That’s when Oris enters the house, Jasmine is shocked to see him because Oris never come at this time, moreover also Arish is supposed to go on a picnic today.

As soon as Arish enters the room, arish bows to her mother and asks  aunt to take jasmina for a walk?
Jasmina’s mother is silent for a while and looks at Arish.
The two are walking along the river and talking
Jasmina: What’s the matter, you brought me here without going outing.
Oris stands in front of Jasmine and takes her hand in his hands and says, “Will you stay with me like this for the rest of my life? I want to hang out with you, I want to rejoice, I want you, I want you …”
I love you very much .  Oris can’t say anything but Jasmina understands what Arish didn’t say and looks at him. The waves of the river are on the ground. Everyone is walking around.

Twenty years later, Oris and Jasmine are in an old age home, their hair is mixed up with black and white, they want to spend the last days of their lives together, which could have been spent a long time ago, what everyone wanted is now being fulfilled, the two are looking around the old age home, talking to her.  Everyone knows their love story, their new love in which there is no smell of love or lust, there is only perfect love. That love has given a new definition to two families, society, giving a new dimension of love.

The two of them sat under a tree after walking for a while
Oris – We’ll be here together in a few days, no worries, you like this place.
Jasmine: You’ve got it all right, will we stay in a room here?
Oris laughs and says, just naughty, no, we stay in the same place but not in the same room, he looks at Jasmina, let’s get up.
The two of them start walking, one of Oris’s words comes to mind, hey tomorrow is your birthday, tell me what you want?
Jasmine: what I want you will give me?
Oris: just want
Jasmine stood for a while and said head vermilion.

The hustle and bustle in the old age home, today everyone is busy in the house of two people, there is so much work left to do, watering, Dadhi Mangal are all lying around.  Jasmine’s parents, Arish’s parents are all four happy, their long wish is about to be fulfilled.  Jasmine’s father doesn’t eat. He has to donate his daughter. Sion is calling the priest.
In today’s good vision, waiting for the old face to be recognized anew, looking for the man of their old mind. But for those who are so confused, where are they?
Everyone was looking, everyone came and saw the two of them lying under a tree with their heads on each other’s shoulders in absolute bliss, their eyes closed, the pomp of the wedding faded here, the leaves were falling from the trees, the light red juice of red flowers showed signs of love on Jasmine’s forehead.  Infinite peace, love, happiness, the joy of being sought have appeared on the faces of both of them.
Has become the birth of a new love.